You’ve got a good story to tell? You want to contribute to this project? Or just tell me how crappy all of this is? Dont’t worry, just drop me a line. I always welcome feedback – no matter if positive or negative. It improves my writing and lets me know what topics to blog about or which stuff to integrate into the site. All e-mails received are read and replied to, so don’t hesitate to shoot the breeze with me.

Go ahead, I don’t bite. You can contact me at: jan@statebeat.com


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what is a beat writer?

Beat writer build up a base of knowledge on and gain familiarity with the sector they report on, allowing them to provide insight and commentary in addition to reporting straight facts. And thats’s exactly what this blog is all about. It’s about Michigan State University. The Spartans. Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer – and everything a sports lunatic has to say about it.

This is the beat writer!

This is Jan. Jan is a sports writer and editor for SPOX.com, one of Germany's most popular sports websites. But Jan is also a Ph.D student at Michigan State. That's why he decided to start this blog on the Spartans. GO GREEN, GO WHITE!

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