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The Ultimate Spartan Ranking

Just on time for this year’s season opener against Boise State on Friday, we present the Statebeat’s 2nd Annual Ultimate Spartan Preseason Ranking. So where does Michigan State Football rank on average this preseason? Continue reading

Why the Redskins drafted Kirk Cousins

Smart move or team-crippling controversy? Statebeat.com looks at Kirk Cousins’ future in Washington and says why the pick makes perfect sense. Continue reading

One-on-One: Connor Cook

He got the jitters. He fumbled the ball. And he threw an interception. We explain why Connor Cook will still be a great quarterback for the Spartans. Continue reading

NFL Draft Scenarios: Kirk Cousins

Not long ago, Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins was expected to be drafted in the fifth round. But following strong outings at the NFL Scouting Combine and his Pro Day, Cousins moved up the draft boards. What “up” means in his case? Well, let’s see. “I see him going in the second round,” said ESPN … Continue reading

Bowl Breakdown: Tired of the BCS

“Everybody is just tired” of the BCS. That’s what Boise State head coach Chris Petersen told reporters after his Broncos had been left out of the BCS for the fourth time in eight years. Instead, the Michigan Wolverines are going to play in the Sugar Bowl. The craze is underway. Again. Michigan State lost the … Continue reading

Big Ten championship game: Underdogs bite!

When Michigan State plays Wisconsin in the BigTen championship game on Saturday, they are underdogs by most means. Experts, oddsmakers, journalists – most of them think Wisconsin will go to the Rose Bowl. But Badgers beware! You use dogs to hunt Taxideinae (the American Badger). Even underdogs. But before I go into detail, let me tell … Continue reading

MSU vs U-M: The Best Rivalry Games in History

Paul Bunyan isn’t a pretty sight. Neither is his trophy. Some even argue that the Paul Bunyan Trophy is one of the strangest/ugliest things an athlete could possibly win. Well, I think it could be worse. A lot worse. I mean it, a hell of a lot worse. Continue reading

The worst sequel, ever!

They said Big Ten. They thought Rose Bowl. They dreamt National Title. And then there came the reality check. It came camouflaged as an irish b-movie. A cheap copy of something terribly nice. It came as a sequel. And – as anyone in Hollywood knows – there is a golden rule: Sequels are never as good … Continue reading

Molon Labe: A new Kind of Swagger!

Yes, it’s a commercial. And yes, it has been around for a couple of days now. But why shouldn’t it give me goosebumps, anyway? And hell, it does! Can’t wait till Michigan State wears the new green-and-bronze uniforms during its Oct. 15 game against Michigan. Neither do the players. “Oh man, they are amazing from … Continue reading

Little Giants, reloaded?

48 Total Yards. One First Down. Zero Pionts. That’s what the Spartans’ defense allowed in last weeks 44-0 victory over pitiful Florida Atlantic. And after going without a sack in the sloppy opener against Youngstown State, Michigan State got to the Owls Quarterbacks three times. In other words: total dominance against an overmatched opponent. “The sky’s the … Continue reading

what is a beat writer?

Beat writer build up a base of knowledge on and gain familiarity with the sector they report on, allowing them to provide insight and commentary in addition to reporting straight facts. And thats’s exactly what this blog is all about. It’s about Michigan State University. The Spartans. Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer – and everything a sports lunatic has to say about it.

This is the beat writer!

This is Jan. Jan is a sports writer and editor for SPOX.com, one of Germany's most popular sports websites. But Jan is also a Ph.D student at Michigan State. That's why he decided to start this blog on the Spartans. GO GREEN, GO WHITE!

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