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Assistant Professor of New Media @ the University of Miami; Ph.D. from Michigan State. Researching Sport, Social Media & Big Data. NBA Writer for NBA.de & Welt.
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Little Giants, reloaded?

48 Total Yards. One First Down. Zero Pionts. That’s what the Spartans’ defense allowed in last weeks 44-0 victory over pitiful Florida Atlantic. And after going without a sack in the sloppy opener against Youngstown State, Michigan State got to the Owls Quarterbacks three times. In other words: total dominance against an overmatched opponent. “The sky’s the … Continue reading

Reality sucks? Change it!

First there was preseason hype – then there was reality. First there were Rose Bowl dreams – then there was this sluggish 28-6 win over Youngstown State in the season opener on Friday night at Spartan Stadium. A win is a win, some might argue. And it’s true. It kept Michigan State at #17 in … Continue reading

Win every game. Period.

There is a story that circulates around campus right now. A story about Kirk Cousins and his summer vacation. And no, it’s not about booze and supermodels. It’s about football, motivation – and destiny. Well, at least that’s what you tend to read out of it as you’re getting fired up for game one. And the … Continue reading

The Ultimate Spartan Ranking

Fall means Football. That’s what the “State News” was displaying on it’s frontpage this Monday. And let me tell you what: it’s true! The waiting? Over (well, almost). The Media Day? Done. So: It’s football season, guys! And when the Spartans enter Spartan Stadium to face Youngstown State (on September 2nd), they will be ranked … Continue reading

The Greatest Comeback in NCAA History

You can say whatever you want about Drew Stanton’s NFL career. And if you’re not a Spartan – or a die-hard Stanton fan for some other odd reason – whatever you’re going to say is probably not very nice (enter favourite Detroit Lions losing anecdote here). But there is one game Stanton will always be remembered … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day!

Daddy’s possible father’s day present is so much more important than his daughter’s health? Not, retard! This guy tried to catch a foul ball at Dodger Stadium – and “forgot” that he was holding his daughter. Glad that the girl is alright – and I’m therefore able to display some schadenfreude (never thought I would be able … Continue reading

What is Statebeat.com?

Right now, statebeat.com is just an idea. A tiny little something that I have in the back of my mind. It’s the idea to do some good old beat writing and create an independent outlet for the writer, student and sports lunatic I am. Beginning at the Fall Semester 2011 (read: as soon as I join … Continue reading

what is a beat writer?

Beat writer build up a base of knowledge on and gain familiarity with the sector they report on, allowing them to provide insight and commentary in addition to reporting straight facts. And thats’s exactly what this blog is all about. It’s about Michigan State University. The Spartans. Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer – and everything a sports lunatic has to say about it.

This is the beat writer!

This is Jan. Jan is a sports writer and editor for SPOX.com, one of Germany's most popular sports websites. But Jan is also a Ph.D student at Michigan State. That's why he decided to start this blog on the Spartans. GO GREEN, GO WHITE!

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